About Us

Candymail.co.uk is a confectionery mail order website, delivering the best sweets and treats to your door from America and around the world.
Candymail.co.uk is powered by Gifted, a company with over 20 years of retail experience.
Gifted is a family run chain of gift and confectionery stores, located in Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Bury St Edmunds with our Flagship store in Norwich.
We love Candy and we know you do too, that’s why we founded Candymail.co.uk, to provide fantastic Candy boxes across the UK and beyond - why shouldn't everyone get the chance to enjoy our amazing boxes? 
We are focused on providing an exceptional range of imported candy, snacks, treats and sodas. Which is why you can expect to find some of your favourite brands in every box. You'll enjoy brands such as Reeses, Hersheys, M&Ms, Nerds, Jolly Rancher, Swedish Fish to Mountain Dew, Oreo , American Fanta, Dr.Pepper, Twinkies and more!