Vegan Sweets

What Makes Sweets Vegan Friendly?

Vegan sweets are made by using plant-based alternatives to gelatine, like agar agar, carrageenan and vegan gel. Not forgetting lots and lots of fruits, sugars and syrups to make them delicious of course!

It might surprise you to know that many retro brands are vegan-friendly, but how can you tell? The big recurring ingredient in non-vegan sweets is gelatine, which does what is says and ‘gels’ during the making of sweets and candies, acting as a gelling agent. This gives the sweets a longer shelf life too. 

Gelatine contains very unfriendly vegan ingredients taken from pigs and cows, but what other ingredients should you avoid when looking for vegan candies. Fortunately, today there are now widely available alternatives to replace gelatine and the above ingredients in the form of plant-based options.

Now you can buy a range of Vegan American Sweets here at Check out some of our favourites, Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Rancher and Laffy Taffy.