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Japan has developed its own taste in sweets, which you may have experienced if you’ve visited this amazing country. We have a huge collection of the most popular sweets, snacks and drinks from Japan and the Far East for sale. For all you Japanese sweet lovers we have all your favourites - Kit Kat Cheesecake, Oreo Wafer Rolls, Hello Pandas and loads more…

The Japanese drink lovers have not been forgotten! We have a fantastic range of Ramune Soda and Ocean Bomb sodas for you to browse and buy.

If you’re new to Japanese treats then order our best-selling Classic Japanese Sweet Box, packed full of sweets, snacks and drinks from Japan and the Far East!

This collection also showcases some of the most popular sweets and treats from across the Far East such as Pocky from Thailand, Lotte from South Korea and Hello Panda from Malaysia.

The Japanese are famous for their range of KitKats in a wonderful array of flavours, here at Candymail we have a tasty selection in stock now!

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