10 of the Best Indian Sweets and Chocolate Bars Available in the UK

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10 of the Best Indian Sweets and Chocolate Bars Available in the UK - Candy Mail UK

Here at www.candymail.co.uk, we import candy, snacks, sweets and chocolate from all over the world and that includes delicious treats all the way from India.

We’ve got a delectable range of Indian sweets and chocolate bars from Cadburys, Nestle and Mars but all made in India with an Indian twist or discontinued in the UK, but don’t worry, we’ve imported them to the UK for you to enjoy right here.

Top Tip when Buying Indian Sweets and Chocolate

Did you know that dates printed on Indian sweets and chocolates are the date of manufacture and NOT the Best Before date? So, don’t panic when you buy sweets and chocolate from India and see an old date, because the chocolate is fresh and good to eat for nine months after the date of manufacture.

Top Ten Indian Sweets and Indian Chocolate Bars

Milkybar Choo

Milkybar Choo

Not just one Milkybar Choo, but you can get a whole box of the famous Milkybar Choo Classics from India! You get to enjoy 28 bars of delicious white Milkybar chocolate surrounding a soft and chewy centre. Milkbar Choo was discontinued in the UK in the Nineties, but thanks to Nestle India we have been able to bring them back to the UK.

Cadbury 5Star Oreo

It’s time to go 5 star all the way, with this Indian imported Cadbury 5Star Oreo bar. The crunchy Oreo biscuits are surrounded by caramel to make a delicious indulgent combination and chewy multi-textured chocolatey experience all the way from India.

Cadbury Fuse

Here’s another sweet treat which was discounted in the UK, but we’ve brought it from Cadbury in India so you can enjoy the taste of a Cadbury’s Fuse once again. The milk chocolate surrounds a delightful mix of nuts, peanuts, raisins, crisp cereal and fudge, what’s not to love about a Fuse. 

KitKat Brownie Kubes

Check out this KitKat Indian chocolate bar. The word decadent describes it perfectly, as this Dessert Delight Heavenly Brownie Kubes KitKat is made with chocolate brownie and wafers covered with rich dark chocolate.

Milkybar Moosha

We love Milkybar Moosha from India, it’s a caramel and nougat bar wrapped in yummy creamy Milkybar white chocolate. We also highly recommend buying more than one, as one just won’t be enough.

Dairy Milk Silk

Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Red Velvet

Are you ready to indulge in Dairy Milk Silk? Imported from India, the Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Red Velvet has Cadbury’s delicious milk chocolate, filled with red velvet cream and Oreo cookie pieces for the perfect taste and crunch in this amazing Cadbury’s combination.

Milkybar Eclairs

Take a second for this to sink in, Nestle Milkybar Eclairs! Yes, you get 10 individually wrapped milky centred candies surrounded in a chewy caramel. It’s a twist on chocolate eclairs that you will absolutely love!

Snickers Butterscotch

If you love Snickers, you’ll be blown away with this Snickers Butterscotch variation from Mars, but made in India. You can enjoy the same crunchy peanuts in chewy caramel but with a butterscotch nought layer all covered in creamy chocolate.

Kookies-n-Crème KitKat

Who doesn’t like a KitKat? Take a break with KitKat Kookies and Crème and discover the crispy cocoa wafer and delicious creamy taste in this new KitKat Kookie-n-Creme, brought to you from India.  

Kinder Creamy

Dig in (literally) with the scoop provided and taste this Kinder Creamy from India. It’s a milky and crunchy delight made of crispy rice, smooth cream and yummy cocoa cream and of course it’s approved by mums everywhere.

Feeling tempted by all these Indian sweets and chocolate bars, then get shopping and fill your basket with yummy treats from India now available in the UK.

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