Are M&M’s the best American Candy?

Aaron Roberts
Are M&M’s the best American Candy? - Candy Mail UK

M&M’s may be America’s top selling candy, but are M&M’s the best American candy? We’ve delved into the world of M&M’s and discovered some bizarre and fun facts about the popular candy-coated chocolate pieces of M&M’s.

How well do you know your M&M’s?

Have a go at our M&M’s trivia quiz and see how well you know these tasty and colourful American treats.

  • When were M&M’s invented?

    M&M’s originated in America in 1941 and today are sold in over 100 countries. Mars copied the idea of M&Ms somewhat after Frank Mars saw soldiers eating British-made Rowntree Smarties in the 1930s Spanish Civil War. He was impressed with the chocolates covered with a coloured shell which preventing the sweets from melting in your hands! 

  • What do the M’s stand for in M&M’s?

    The M’s stand for Mars and Murrie, with Forest Mars, the son of Frank Mars and the founder of the Mars candy company and Bruce Murrie, the son of the president of Hershey's, who had a 20% stake in the M&M enterprise.

  • What are the M&M characters names?

    We all love the brightly coloured M&M’s; did you know that they have names. Created in the 1990’s to give M&M’s a lift in sales, they were simply named after their colours; Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Ms Brown and Blue! Complete with their own individual characters as seen in M&M’s adverts.

  • What’s the rarest colour of M&M’s?

    The answer to this has changed over the years as M&M’s have had a few makeovers. One answer from the Mars website in 1997 stated the distribution of colours as 30% brown, 20% yellow, 20% red, 10% orange, 10% green, and 10% blue. Then, in 2008, they changed to 24% blue, 20% orange, 16% green, 14% yellow, 13% red, 13% brown. Although they stopped putting this on their website so who knows today.

  • Why is there no purple M&M’s

    The original M&M’s colours were red, yellow, green, brown and purple but in 1949, M&M made a change to their colours and removed the purple one and changed it to tan. Then in 1995 tan became blue after a public vote and have remained the same to the current day.

  • Do M&M colours taste different?

    All M&M’s actually taste the same, as the outer candy coating is a simple sugar shell, using different flavourless food dyes, do you agree?

Imported M&M’s Varieties

If you’re looking for M&M’s with a difference, check out these imported M&M’s varieties from around the world.

  • Peanut Butter M&M’s

    Get your hands on these delicious Peanut Butter M&M’s made with real peanut butter! With a crisp sugar shell filled with real smooth peanut butter and chocolate, we bet they’ll become your new favourite M&M’s.

  • Hubba Bubba M&M’s

    All the way from Australia, Hubba Bubba M&M’s combine the bubble gum flavour inspired by Hubba Bubba, but they don’t contain any gum. Each piece of chocolate candy has a Hubba Bubba inspired flavoured shell.

  • White Chocolate M&M’s

    Still the same iconic M&M’s candy brand, but these White Chocolate M&Ms are filled with a white chocolate filing, which still melt in your mouth not in your hands.

  • Fudge Brownie M&M’s

    Enjoy the perfect chocolate treat, these Fudge Brownie M&Ms are filled with a yummy Fudge Brownie chewy centre, wrapped in a smooth crispy shell. Could M&M’s get any more chocolatey?

  • Toffee Nut M&M’s Big Bag

    This winning M&M Big Bag of Toffee Nut M&M's are made with toffee flavoured roasted peanuts, coated in real milk chocolate and surrounded by the colourful candy shell we love.

We think M&M’s are the best American candy, so why not browse the full range of M&M’s available at to get you M&M fix!

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