Everything you need to know about Japanese KitKats

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Everything you need to know about Japanese KitKats - Candy Mail UK

Japan may be one of the most technically advanced nations and the birthplace of sushi, but when it comes chocolate, they are certainly not shy about flavours. You’ve only got to look at some of the Japanese KitKat flavours to know they like to put their own spin on their chocolatey treats.

Also famous for their ancient traditions, from tea ceremonies to temples, Kit Kats are relatively new to Japan, being introduced in 1973 by then makers, Rowntree. It didn’t take long for the Japanese people to fall in love with Kit Kats though, and by 2014 Kit Kats were Japan’s top-selling chocolate.

Why does Japan have different KitKat flavours?

Here in the UK, the home of KitKat since 1935, we have seen a few different KitKat flavours over the years; chocolate orange, mint, peanut butter and even a white chocolate KitKat. In Japan, it may surprise you to know there have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional Kit Kat flavours since 2000!

In Japan, there truly have been some weird and wonderful Japanese Kit Kat flavours, many exclusive to the country and not produced elsewhere. For example, in 2010 the top selling Kit Kat was Soy Sauce!

One reason for the success of so many Kit Kat flavours in Japan has been related to the Japanese tradition of omiyage, which means souvenir. Japanese Kit Kats have been marketed as regional specialties to be brought back for family and co-workers from trips as souvenirs.  

A guide to Japanese KitKat flavours

If you need some help to unravel the Japanese Kit Kat flavours here’s our guide to some of the key ingredients.

Matcha KitKat Flavour

Japan is well known for their love of tea, so it’s not surprising that there is a Matcha Latte KitKat flavour. Made from the finely milled, green tea powder used in tea ceremonies, this bright green chocolate covered Matcha Kit Kat flavour makes a tempting blend!

Hojicha KitKat Flavour

While Matcha is a bright green colour, hojicha is a green tea with a reddish brown colour and a soothing, earthy and smoky aroma. Only sold in the Kansai region, KitKat Hojicha is made with handpicked hojicha and layered into the Kit Kat chocolate for a delicious, roasted flavour.

KitKat Ball Varieties

These wondrous Japanese Kit Kat mini ball shapes are available in a range of different varieties and delicious combinations such as KitKat Ball Nuts, Cranberries, Rum and Raisin.  It’s also available in a yogurt KitKat Ball Nut and Cranberry flavour

Strawberry Milk KitKat Flavour

Strawberry milk is a very popular drink in Japan and this special edition Strawberry Milk KitKat celebrates that. Milky yet fruity, this flavourful combination comes from a blend of strawberry juice powder and condensed milk powder infused in the white chocolate base.

Other Japanese KitKat Flavours

While we couldn’t go through all 300 Japanese Kit Kat flavours, here’s a few more of our favourites. Maple Flavour KitKat is maybe a more unusual limited edition, but has a delicious rich sweet taste, and we love the fruity pink Strawberry KitKat! The For Coffee Break KitKat is perfect to have with a coffee any time of the day.

Where can I buy Japanese KitKats?

At Candymail we sell a large range of authentic, imported Japanese KitKats, all available for delivery to our UK customers.

If you love Japanese candy or want to try some of the amazing Kit Kat flavours from Japan, then why not create your own Japanese Kit Kat Box Set from our large range, and add in some other Japanese treats too. We stock a huge range of sweets, snacks and drinks from Japan and the Far East.

All that’s left to say is エンジョイ- enjoy!

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