Everything you need to know about Swedish Fish candy

Aaron Roberts
Everything you need to know about Swedish Fish candy - Candy Mail UK

What is Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish candy is huge in the States. So, we hear you ask, why and how is a Swedish candy subsequently popular in America? Well, Swedish Fish was introduced there in the 1950’s by a Swedish company who wanted to expand their candy sales to North America. This fish shaped chewy candy was a big hit and soon became one of the most popular American candies

Why are Swedish Fish called that?

Firstly, the red Swedish Fish candy are fish shaped which explains some of the ‘fish’ part.

Secondly, the original owner of these ‘American’ candies was a Swedish company called Malaco. They wanted to create a candy that reflected the culture of Sweden in some way, and as fishing was a big part of the Swedish lifestyle, they chose a fish-shaped gummy candy, but don’t panic they don’t taste like fish! They also have the word ‘Swedish’ on the side of each fish, just in case you needed reminding again.

They are still sold in Sweden, where the red gummy fish candies are called "Pastellfiskar", which when translated means a "pale-coloured fish".

What do Swedish Fish taste like?

This is a good question, and in all honesty, no one really knows the flavour of the original Swedish fish. The catchphrase of Swedish Fish is "Tastes like fruit, not fish. Try some if you want" but what fruit flavour they are remains a bit of a mystery.

Hence, the exact answer to ‘What flavour are Swedish fish?’ is that it’s never been confirmed. Upon a taste test the red fish gummy candy could be cherry or blackcurrant, but many people think the original red Swedish Fish candy flavour is Lingonberry. Also known as cowberries, Lingonberries are a bright red berry associated and often used in Nordic and Baltic cuisines which may be another clue.

Do all Swedish Fish taste the same?

Nowadays you can get Swedish Fish in a variety of flavours including Swedish Fish Tropical for a fruity holiday vibe or Swedish Fish Crush fruit mix.

But wait, it gets better, we love the new Swedish Fish Big Tails, which combine two flavours, you can decide whether you bite of the tail or the head first? Whichever you go for they are super tasty!

You can even get Swedish Fish mini, which are mini sized at 1 1/8-inches long rather than the regular two inches long.

Are Swedish Fish vegan?

Here’s another tick in the box for Swedish Fish candy, which are vegan friendly too. As they do not contain gelatine, like many gummy candies, Swedish Fish is vegan, but we always advise checking the ingredients to see if some varieties contain beeswax, just to be extra safe. 

Are Swedish Fish healthy?

Soft, chewy, gummy and fruity (whatever flavour you chose) Swedish Fish are delicious and very moreish. While the original Swedish Fish candy displays "a fat free food" on the wrapper, it’s probably best to think along the lines of everything in moderation, but hey, we’ll take a little win here. They’re gluten free too!

Now you know everything you need to know about Swedish Fish candy, what are you waiting for?  Catch your Swedish Fish right here, right now. The proof is in the tasting, as they say, buy your Swedish Fish fill and decide for yourself exactly what flavour the red gummy fish are!

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