The best KitKat flavours from around the world

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The best KitKat flavours from around the world - Candy Mail UK

KitKat is the definitive chocolate covered wafer bar, renowned the world over and synonymous with the phrase ‘Have a break… have a KitKat’.

How old are KitKats?

Who doesn’t love the snap of a KitKat as you eat each chocolate finger, but did you know that generations of children and adults have grown up enjoying KitKats since 1935! Originally known as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp, it was renamed Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp in 1937, and finally just KitKat after the second World War.

The original four-finger Kit Kat bar was created when a worker at Rowntree's York Factory put a suggestion in a recommendation box for a snack that a man could take to work in his lunch box.

Best KitKat Flavours

It was 1957, when the slogan for the Kit Kat ‘Have a break... have a KitKat’ was first used in the UK, but today, the KitKat brand is available around the world from the UK, America, Canada and Dubai to India, Japan, and Australia.

The effect of these different countries, cultures, and tastes, have led to some exciting, distinctive, and delicious KitKat flavours. Here’s a few of our best-selling Kit Kat flavours from around the world: -

KitKat Chunky Aero Mint

This KitKat Chunky Areo Mint comes all the way from the Australia. It has three breakable chunks are filled with irresistibly bubbly Aero mint flavoured chocolate, all encased in deliciously smooth milk chocolate.

KitKat Apple Pie

KitKat Apple Pie

You’ve probably guessed that this KitKat Apple Pie flavour is straight from the USA! Get the taste of American Apple pie in this iconic Kit Kat edition!

KitKat Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream

Here’s another minty flavour from Australia, but with the added bonus of mint choc chip ice cream. If you love mint chocolate, you’ll love this KitKat Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream inspired version, it even looks like mint ice cream! 

KitKat Biscoff Chunky

This one is a a game changer with Kit Kat and Biscoff fans equally adoring it. The KitKat Biscoff Chunky from Dubai’s exclusive shopping malls is KitKat wafer biscuit topped with Lotus Biscoff spread, and coated in delicious thick chocolate. Two treats for the price of one!

KitKat Chunky Cinnabon

We’ve flown this limited edition KitKat Chunky Cinnabon from Dubai for you to enjoy the three thick fingers of Kit Kat Chocolate with the classic crisp wafer with a Cinnabon filling.

KitKat Key Lime Pie

Discover another delicious pie from the States in this brand new KitKat Key Lime Pie flavour. It’s a sweet and tangy taste of America, grab yours quick, stock won’t last long. 

KitKat Raspberry Blast 

Does fruit flavoured chocolate count towards your 5 a day? Then this KitKat Raspberry Blast is a must have all the way from Dubai. It’s a fab combination of wafers, chocolate and raspberries all in one delicious Kit Kat bar.

KitKat Divine Chocolate Pudding

Is it a chocolate bar or a dessert? Who cares, it tastes sooooo good and is imported from India. We think you’ll love this KitKat Divine Chocolate Pudding flavour. The layers of wafer, chocolate and caramel cream flavour is inspired by a delicious caramel chocolate dessert.

KitKat Mini Matcha Tea  

Enjoy this unique Kit Kat treat from Japan, and discover delicious KitKat Mini Matcha Tea. This bag of 14 mini Japanese Kit Kats are inspired by the Japanese love of tea and have a delightful Matcha Green Tea flavour.

If you’d like to know more about the unique Kit Kat history and flavours from Japan, you can discover Everything you need to know about Japanese Kit Kats here

KitKat Green Tea

Here’s more KitKat Matcha Green Tea, but this time from Canada. It really is a lovely refreshing flavour with the perfect balance of crisp wafer smothered in a smooth green tea coating.

Top Kit Kat Facts

  • Rowntree's trademarked the terms Kit Cat and Kit Kat way back in 1911.
  • The Kit Cat name was first used on a box of chocolates in the 1920’s and continued until Rowntree’s started to produce Black Magic and Dairy Box brands in the 1930’s.
  • The kids lunch box favourite; the two finger Kit Kat was introduced in 1937. 
  • In the UK, we saw the introduction of Kit Kat Chunky in 1999.
  • Today Nestle produce Kit Kats after buying Rowntree’s in 1988, but in America Kit Kats are made by the Hershey Company.

Find your favourite Kit Kat flavour or try a new one in our KitKat Collection from around the world. Let us at do the hard work and deliver Kit Kats to your door, so you can ‘Have a break… Have a KitKat.’

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