What are the different flavours of Monster Energy drink?

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What are the different flavours of Monster Energy drink? - Candy Mail UK

We’ve been getting a Monster ‘Buzz’ from Monster Energy drinks for around two decades now, since the arrival of the original green Monster Energy drink in 2002.

Today the Monster range of energy drinks has grown to include a coffee version with Java Monster, the ultimate energy drink for sport in HydroSport, a juice drink with the Juiced collection, a diet version in Zero Sugar Ultra and Rehab, an iced tea non-carbonated energy drink. There really is a Monster Energy drink for everyone and every occasion!

Monster have also well and truly established a reputation for sponsoring extreme sports and events across the world. As Monster say themselves, "Monster is way more than an energy drink, it’s a lifestyle in a can".

Our Top 5 Monster Energy Drink Flavours

With so many Monster Energy varieties and flavours it hard to pick a few, but here’s our top 5:-

Monster Energy Watermelon
  1. Monster Ultra Watermelon has all the great taste of refreshing watermelon but is guilt free with zero sugar and zero calories - what's not to love. Ultra Watermelon flavour is the perfect energy drink for summer, when you want to enjoy the lighter taste in a sugar-free Monster Energy blend.
  2. It’s time to go tropical with Monster Juice Khaotic. This fruity juice energy drink uses real fruit juice powered by the Monster energy blend for a citrusy orange flavour. If you’re looking for an uplifting, light and fresh Monster flavour, this is the one for you.
  3. Monster Cuba-Libre comes all the way from Japan, complete with a real kick! This special Monster blend is evocative of a Japanese Rum and Coke but totally non-alcoholic! It’s a sweet and aromatic Cuba-Libre cocktail with an extra boost but without the hangover.
  4. Time for a coffee break with Monster Salted Caramel Java, but this is no ordinary coffee, this is Monster Java Coffee! It’s a sweet and savoury salted caramel flavour with premium coffee and cream brewed up the Monster way. Whatever time of day you need an energy boost, this Monster coffee energy drink is the perfect pick me up.
  5. Inspired by the popular cocktail, this non-alcoholic Monster Mule Ginger Brew has a spicy and sweet ginger kick, followed by a zesty lime finish which hits all the right spots. What’s the best thing about this Monster drink? No hangover the next day!

Monster Energy Drink Facts

  • Did you know that Monster is the second top selling energy drink brand. Can you guess the who is in the No. 1 spot? Yes, it’s the one that gives you wings - Red Bull.
  • Have you ever thought that the logo of Monster Energy is more than just an “M”. It was designed to look like a claw with the idea of making it look like it’s a monster ripping through the can.
  • The Monster Army is Monster Energy's athlete development program that supports young athletes in sports such as motocross, bmx, mountain bike, skate, surf, snow, and ski, with these athletes representing the Monster Energy brand.

Monster Cocktails

Whilst all Monster drinks are non-alcoholic, there are some cocktail recipes which you can enjoy (if you’ve over the age of 18 of course!). Remember everything in moderation, but we like the look of this Monstermeister which has 10 ounces of Monster Energy Drink, two ounces of Jäger and two ounces of mango-flavoured rum. Be careful though, it really does turn some people into party monsters.

Find your favourite Monster Energy Drinks here at Candy Mail imported from the US and Japan, and we’ll pick, pack and deliver them straight to your door. 

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