Where can you buy Takis Fuego in the UK?

Aaron Roberts
Where can you buy Takis Fuego in the UK? - Candy Mail UK

Spicy Snack Alert! Want to know how to get your hands on a packet or two of Takis? Then look no further, they are available to buy online at Candy Mail, in the original hot Takis Fuego flavour and more! Think hot and spicy ‘Mexico’ in a snack and you’ve discovered Takis.

What are Takis Chips?

If you love spicy food, you’ll love Takis chips. These fiery snacks often compared to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are renown for their red fiery powder. Although Takis is a much crunchier snack then Flamin' Hot Cheetos, with a denser texture.  

Takis are rolled mini corn tortilla chips that are incredibly hot! Originating from Mexico in 1999, they are made by Barcel and were introduced to the States in 2006. Takis quickly grew in popularity and got a reputation for their extremely intense flavours.

Takis Flavours

If you like your snacks to pack a punch, then Takis Fuego flavour is the spiciest of the bunch. It’s not surprising to discover that Fuego translates in Spanish to ‘fire’ and is why this hot chili pepper and lime flavour gives a powerful kick. It’s also the most well-known Takis flavour with its purple vibrant fiery packaging.  

Check out Takis Fuego Kettlez for a new take on the original Takis using potato chips rather than corn chips. If that’s not enough heat, then Takis Fuego Extreme take the spiciness up another notch, it’s described like eating fire!

Takis Xplosion are a zesty nacho cheese flavour, it’s another classic Mexican recipe that will tickle your taste buds but without the fire of chilli. If BBQ chips or crisps are top of your snack list, then Takis Outlaw Spicy BBQ is going to be a big hit in your house.

Takis Blue Heat is a limited edition hot chili pepper and lime but in a bright blue colour rather than red! It takes Takis to a whole new level and we’ve got to admit it is slightly strange when it comes to eating a blue corn tortilla chip but a great talking point at any party.

What can you make with Takis?

Ever thought of using Takis in cooking? Well, we have and we’re not alone. Take a look at this Flamin Hot Mozzarella Stick recipe, it uses Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but how about swapping those for Takis Fuego flavour – now there’s some food for thought!

In fact, crushed Takis make a great addition to Mac n Cheese and Grilled Cheese or as we say in the UK – Cheese on Toast. They also give a tasty spicy Mexican coating on chicken to add some heat to any chicken dish.

If all else fails, simply switching up your bog standard tortillas for Takis will turn your Nachos up a notch or two and add a real kick to a classic snack.

The slogan ‘Are you Takis enough?’ has caught on in America with the Takis brand, so all that remains to say is – Are you Takis enough?

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