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Where to Buy Easter Chocolate Online - Candy Mail UK

As the home of American chocolate, candy and sweets, at Candymail there's one annual celebration we love a little more than most - Easter!

Yes, Easter is on the way and we are ‘eggcited’ to present our Easter Candy and Chocolate collection for your delight and chocolatey enjoyment. But have you ever stopped and thought about why we celebrate with chocolate eggs at Easter. Here’s some fun Easter facts…

Eggciting Easter Facts & Traditions

  • The tradition of eating eggs at Easter is tied to Lent and fasting, people would hard boil eggs, decorate them and save them for Easter.
  • Cadbury's launched its first Easter egg line in 1875.
  • Eggs are a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth in many cultures.
  • Creme filled eggs were invented in 1923 and today Cadbury's produce over 500 million Creme eggs each year. If you put them on top of each other, that’s ten times higher than Mount Everest!
  • 90 million Easter eggs are sold every year in the UK.
  • The most expensive edible Easter egg cost £50,000. It was encrusted with over a hundred half-carat diamonds. (We’re not convinced they were edible!)
  • It’s thought the Easter bunny originates from the Pagan festival of Eostre, the goddess of fertility whose animal symbol was a bunny. 

Buying Easter Eggs Online Made Easy

So, while the Easter Bunny is getting ready to deliver his chocolate eggs and Easter candy goodies, if you’re looking for some help buying Easter eggs online, take a look at our Easter Eggtravaganza range.

Today, milk chocolate is the favoured chocolate for many Easter eggs, but we’ve got some alternatives such as Caramilk Chocolate Eggs which are packed with creamy-tasting, smooth caramelised white chocolate.

Believe it or not, not everyone likes chocolate!! If you’re shopping for Easter candy, we’ve got that covered too with some super cute Sweetarts Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies or why not try an American classic Peeps Marshmallow Chicks.

DIY Easter Egg Hampers

Why not create your own Easter Egg Hamper for a loved one with all their favourite chocolate or sweets. Whatever their preferred chocolate brand, at Candymail you can treat all the family to their favourite, from Reese’s Pieces Mini Eggs Carton to Smarties Orange Mini Eggs Pouch (we all know orange Smarties are the best!). And the great thing is, all our Easter chocolate is delivered direct to your door.

Easter Egg Hunt Goodies

Children love the eggcitement of an Easter egg hunt, and individually wrapped mini eggs make the perfect mini treats for a hunt, whether in the house or garden.

Kit Kat Mini Eggs are delicious milk chocolate eggs filled cookie dough and crunchy wafer pieces or Galaxy® Caramel Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs which are rolled in rose gold to make them extra special. All you have to do is to remember where you hid them all!

Get your Easter chocolate delivered by Candymail.co.uk today. We have lots of great Limited Edition Chocolate plus American Easter Candy but be quick as these are only available for a limited time and Easter will be here before you know it!

Here’s wishing you a deliciously chocolatey Easter! 

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