Lotus Biscoff Chocolate

Finally you can buy Biscoff Chocolate in the UK at Candymail!

Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Bars filled with a delicious Speculoos Biscoff cream filling or Biscoff biscuit pieces. Choose between the Kit Kat Biscoff editions from Dubai or the BIG 180g Bars made from the finest Belgian Chocolate. If that wasn't enough there is also the delicious Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate which is filled with Biscoff pieces!

With the winter nights drawing in these tasty chocolate bars are the perfect treat for a cosy night huddled on the sofa with a cup of tea.

These bars are sure to be a huge hit as Biscoff is trending right across the UK with a huge amount of interest in recipes, spreads and biscuits. Now you can add these amazing chocolate bars to your must have items this Autumn/winter.

We know you will love them and your friends and family will too. Why not buy Biscoff chocolate for your friends and family as they make perfect Presents too!