Milkybar Choo

Back in the Nineties the Milkybar Choo was the classic go to White chocolate finger snack somewhere between a fudge bar and a chewy curlywurly. Sadly it slipped into the sands of time as Nestle discontinued the product, much to the dismay of thousands of consumers. There is even a petition with nearly 6,000 signatures at

One fan desperately quoted as saying 'This was my fave chocolate by far!! Why would they discontinue the best thing they’ve made?'

Fear not, fast forward to now and its back but this time it's made in India! Here at Candymail we are on the Choo Choo train with boxes of these tasty little guys. You can now get them in a variety of flavours from the original to strawberry, chocolate and even mango.

Available in bundles of 6 or you can even buy a whole box of 28 for just £11.99! So if you want a trip back to the 90's and are craving some sugar fuelled good times why not treat your self to Milkybar Choos from Candymail!

Buy Milkybar choos in the uk here.

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