10 of The Best Korean Snacks You Have to Try

Aaron Roberts
10 of The Best Korean Snacks You Have to Try - Candy Mail UK

Korean snacks are popular, not only in Korea but in other countries around the world. Many of the snacks from Korean are made trendy by Korean dramas and shows such as K-Pop idols!

There’s a diverse range of flavours when it comes to Korean snacks, chocolate, and of course Korean candy. If you’re curious about Korean snacks or feel you’re missing out on your favourite candy when travelling in Korea, we’ve got some of the best Korean snacks right here is the UK.

  1. Lotte Choco Pie

    Even the name sounds delicious, Lotte Choco Pie is one of the most iconic snacks in Korea. This individually wrapped cake snack with two sponge layers, a marshmallow filling and then covered in chocolate is a must try. While the name choco pie may have originated in America it’s widely used in South Korea today.

    Did you know the word for chocolate in Korea is chokhollit (초콜릿).

  2. Nongshim Shrimp Crackers

    Nongshim make some of Koreas tastiest snacks and have been the top Korean snack brand for more than 30 years. These Nongshim Shrimp Crackers are delicious and made with healthy rice, aromatic shrimp flavouring and sour mayonnaise wasabi.

  3. Nongshim Big Bowl Noodle Shin

    Here’s another popular Korean snack from Nongshim, these tasty instant Nongshim Big Bowl Shin Cup Noodles are hot and spicy. They can be eaten as a snack or soup, added to a stir fry, or as a side dish. The great spicy flavour is typical of Korea and is perfectly balanced by the noodles.

  4. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Snack

    If you like spicy chicken, you’ll love this Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen. For deliciously spicy chicken noodles with sesame seeds and grilled seaweed flakes, simply add water and simmer for 5 minutes and you’re ready to go!

  5. Cheetos BBQ Korea

    Cheetos have made their way around the world and these BBQ Cheetos Korean style rank top of the Cheetos list for us. You’ll find the familiar Cheetos shape snack with a mix of sweet and tangy BBQ spices.

  6. Pepero Crunky Korea

    The favourite Korean sweet snack of Pepero Crunky are crunchy biscuit sticks covered in even crunchier almonds and chocolate. They are similar to its Japanese counterpart, Pocky, but we think Pepero take it to next level when it comes to biscuit sticks, with the unique combination of crunch and smoothness in a Crunky! 

  7. Chupa Chups Grape Soda

    Chupa Chups Grape Soda from Korea captures the fruity grape flavour of a Chupa Chups lollipop in a refreshingly delicious fizzy drink. It’s the perfect Korean soft drink with a fruity hit to accompany any snack.

  8. Nongshim Honey Twisted Snack

    With a sweet taste of Korean honey and apple, these Nongshim Honey Twist snacks are shaped in fun twirls. The Acacia honey is called the “queen of honey” and it gives it a sweeter taste, believe us when we say; one pack is not enough!

  9. Secom Dalcom Caramel Strawberry Chews

    These chews are very popular in Korea, Secom Dalcom Caramel Strawberry Chews. For a chewy and mouth-watering sweet caramel and strawberry chew, these sweets really are a must have Korean candy.

    Did you know the word for candy in Korean is satang (사탕).  

  10. 815 Cola Korea

    This delicious 815 Cola drink from Korea is a popular choice when it comes to choosing a cola and definitely best served chilled.

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