Crisps from around the world that you have to try!

Aaron Roberts
Crisps from around the world that you have to try! - Candy Mail UK

When we talk about crisps from around the world, a good place to start is the difference between crisps and chips! 

This difference is more about where you are in the world than anything else. In the America, thin slices of potato which are fried and eaten (usually from a packet) when cool are known as potato chips, while sliced potatoes which are fried and served hot are known as fries or French fries.

So, while a ‘crisp’ in the US has nothing to do with potatoes, here in the UK, Ireland and Europe potato chips are crisps and fries are chips! Now we’ve cleared that up, whatever you call them, American crisps or chips are some of the tastiest salty snacks around.

Here’s a rundown of our favourite snacks and crisps from around the world: -

Cheetos Snacks

This all-time classic American snack is legendary, and made with real cheese, for the ultimate cheesy snack from the States. Cheetos Original Crunchy snack are much-loved savoury crisps and who doesn't love licking the “cheetle” off your fingertips?

We couldn’t talk Cheetos without mentioning Cheetos Flamin Hot variety. They may be surrounded by controversy and myths but Cheetos never tasted so good with just the right amount of cheesy heat to keep life interesting!

Takis Tortilla Chips

Often compared to Flamin Hot Cheetos, Takis Fuego Tortilla Chips, are a popular and intensely hot and spicy corn snack from Mexico originally. Discover more about Takis and see if you can handle this American snack packed with the classic Mexican flavour of Hot Chilli Pepper and Lime.

Lays Crisps

Whilst Lays are an American potato chip brand, they’ve made their way around the world. Check out these Lays BBQ Crisps from France which are incredibly moreish. Another great tasting Lays flavour is Lays Dill Crisps, imported from Canada, and Canadians just love the tangy taste of Dill Pickle! We think they are Dill-icious too!

Tayto Crisps

Tayto crisps and snacks have been made in Northern Ireland since 1956. As the largest selling brand of crisps in Northern Ireland and the third largest snack manufacturer in the UK, Tayto Crisps are extremely flavoursome.  We highly rate Smoky Bacon flavour which are Tayto’s third most popular flavour in their range and Tayto Pickled Onion crisps are a close second in our book!


This iconic American brand of potato chips have been enjoyed in the States since 1968 and today Pringles Crisps in their unique resealable tube have taken over the world. Flavours such as Pringles Pizza and Pringles Jalapeno flavour have taken these humble potato chips to the dizzy heights they’ve reached today. What’s your favourite Pringles Flavour

Herr’s Curls

With flavours such as Herr’s Carolina Reaper Cheese Curls, one of the hottest snacks around from America and Herr’s Honey Cheese Curls, whatever your tastebuds crave Herr’s puffy cheesy American snacks are baked to perfection with amazing flavours and will definitely leave you wanting more!


The Ionic Funyuns are a tasty onion flavoured American corn snack first introduced in 1969. These all-American favourites are still as delicious today and just as moreishly oniony as they've always been.

Doritos Corn Chips

Doritos are full of volume, crunch and big flavours, such as Doritos Hot Corn flavour for a fiery take on the cheesy corn chips we all love.  With the unmistakeable triangle nacho shape, perfect for dipping, Doritos Nachos are the great tasting bold American snack and great for any party.

American Snack Mystery Box

With so many incredible American crisps and snacks to choose from, we’ve got the perfect answer to your potato chip dilemmas. Have you discovered our American Snack Mystery Box yet? You get a selection of savoury snacks imported from America and across the globe with some of the biggest flavours available.

So next time you want to reach for a packet of crisps you’ll delight in a whole new world of crisps, chips and snacks, all delivered direct to your door by


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