5 of the Most Iconic American Candies of All Time

Aaron Roberts
5 of the Most Iconic American Candies of All Time - Candy Mail UK

No one does candy like America does candy! There are so many iconic American candy brands, but the best thing is, that you don’t have to go to America to get them!

Here at Candymail we bring you all the best American sweets direct from the States. Like us, America loves candy, and sweet treats are part of the American culture and history. Candies such as Mike and Ike have been enjoyed by kids (and adults) since 1940!

Over the years, lots of candies, chocolate bars and sweets have come and gone, but the ones with staying power are real game changers. So, what’s the most iconic American candies of all time? Here’s what we think…

Reese’s Pieces

Does American candy get more iconic than Reese’s?

America first saw Reese’s Pieces in 1978 and today they are one of the best-selling American sweets. Owned by The Hershey Company, Reese’s Pieces joined the iconic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but it wasn’t until 1982 that Reese’s Pieces were launched to new heights.  

Back in the day, before product placement became the thing to do, Spielberg’s iconic film E.T. about an endearing, stranded alien on earth, teamed up with Reese’s Pieces. Within weeks of the movie’s premiere, Reese’s Pieces sales blew up and the Reese’s brand became recognised worldwide.

Now in addition to the original Reese’s Pieces, you can find Reese’s Pieces in Reese’s Outrageous Bar too.   


M&M’s are well and truly part of American candy history, originating in America in 1941 and made by Mars Confectionary, but do know what the M’s stand for in M&M’s?

The M’s stand for Mars and Murrie, for Forest Mars, the son of Frank Mars (founder of the Mars candy company) and Bruce Murrie, the son of the president of Hershey's, who had a stake in the M&M enterprise. 

Today, there are many flavours and varieties of M&M’s to choose from, our favourite American M&M’s include Peanut Butter M&M’s, Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s and chewy Caramel M&M’s.

Sour Patch Kids

Who could forget Sour Patch Kids American candies with the slogan "Sour. Sweet. Gone." The sour-to-sweet taste of Sour Patch Kids is truly iconic and the original sour American candy. Today, if you’re looking for some serious sourness, try Sour Patch Kids Extreme.

Back in the 70’s Sour Patch Kids had a totally different name and were originally known as Mars Men because of the UFO craze in American at the time. They didn’t become Sour Patch Kids until the 1980’s!

If you love American Sour candy, here’s 10 of the Best Mouth Watering Sour American Sweets to keep you going.

Jolly Ranchers

Hailed as the best fruity hard candies, Jolly Ranchers bold flavours have stood the test of time in the American candy parade.

Jolly Ranchers were first produced in 1948 by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen who founded the Jolly Rancher Company in Denver, Colorado. The name was picked to give the impression of a friendly Western company – we think it worked well.

Fast forward to now and Jolly Ranchers are made by The Hershey Company, although the Jolly Rancher family has grown to much more than their famous fruit flavoured hard candy. Jolly Ranchers Chews, Gummies and Lollipops have joined the Jolly Ranchers ranks.


The original sweet and chewy Twizzlers were an American candy cinema favourite in US for decades. Twizzlers have been an iconic American sweet brand since 1929, made by one of the oldest confectionery companies in the States.

Did you know that Twizzlers are a low-fat sweet candy treat? What are you waiting for, get your Twizzlers fix now! Check out these Twizzlers Cherry Bites with their fruity filling. 

Don’t overlook the Strawberry Licorice Original Twizzlers full of yummy strawberry flavour, definitely one of America's favourite candies, but have you tried Watermelon Twizzlers yet?

At Candymail we import American sweets direct from the USA, so you can savour and relish your favourite American candy whatever they might be.  


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