10 of the best mouth-watering sour American sweets

Aaron Roberts
10 of the best mouth-watering sour American sweets - Candy Mail UK

Sour American candies are legendary. These tongue twistingly sour sweets are supposed to make your lips pucker up! From Sour Patch Kids to Warheads, the citric acid (naturally found in fruits like lemons and limes) taps directly into our tongue's sour taste receptors and we love it!

It’s time to buckle up for some of the sourest American candy in our countdown of the 10 best mouth-watering sour American sweets.

  1. Sour Patch Kids Extreme

    The original Sour Patch Kids have gone extreme and made the No. 1 sour American candy! Get ready for some serious 'sourness' with Sour Patch Kids Extreme Theatre Box complete with an extra sour coating! These sour American sweets definitely live up to their slogan ‘Sour, Sweet, Gone'.

  2. Warheads Extreme Sour

    These authentic Warhead Extreme Sour hard candies contain all your favourite Warhead flavours, from blue raspberry, black cherry and apple to lemon and watermelon. Classic American sour candies designed to make your lips pucker; the only question is ‘Can you survive the sour to savour the sweet?’.

  3. Toxic Waste Yellow Drum

    The name of this American sweet says it all; Toxic Waste is Hazardously Sour Candy! Grab this little barrel of Toxic Waste Yellow Drum for some super sour candy! Can you take the sour challenge?

  4. Mike and Ike Sour Mega Mix

    Even Mike and Ike have got into the sour candy game! Mike and Ike Sour Mega Mix are soft, chewy and bursting full of sourness with 10 different sour flavours to tempt you. Get your tastebuds tingling with the zingy fruity flavours of these American sweets.

  5. Jolly Rancher Sour Gummies

    Jolly Rancher Sour Gummies are relatively new comers to the sour American candy game, but they make up for that by being perfectly sour. Pick one of five fruity flavours in fruity shapes from green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, lemon & watermelon and see which is your favourite sour gummy candy.

  6. Warheads Double Drops

    Yes, Warheads got two entries in our top 10 sour American Sweets, because Warheads Extreme Double Drops will blow your mind. Packed full of sour zingy flavours, even the craziest of sour candy lovers will love this sour liquid candy, mixing two flavours in one bottle!

  7. Sour Big Chewy Nerds

    Brand new Sour Big Chewy Nerds are huge chewy versions of your favourite rainbow candy! Don’t be fooled by their sweet and crunchy outside, when you get inside, you’ll discover the awesome sourness and chewy chewiness in four sour big Nerds flavours.

  8. Sweetarts Extreme Sour Chewy Roll

    The name says it all, Sweetarts are super sweet and tangy candies from the Wonka factory. It’s time to turn up the tart with Sweetarts Extreme Sour candy and enjoy these soft, coated candies that are powerfully sour and finish with a touch of sweet.

  9. Lifesavers Gummies Sours

    Lifesaver Gummies are a favourite all American sweet, and these Lifesavers Gummies Sours will simply delight your tastebuds, with a sour punch that's sure to give your jaw a tingle. Featuring tangy cherry, watermelon orange, strawberry and black raspberry flavours, we love them!

  10. Toxic Waste Worms Sour and Chewy

    Here’s another dose of Toxic Waste, the Hazardously Sour Candy! These soft and chewy gummies shaped like worms, to make them even more delicious of course, come in 5 sour flavours of strawberry, pineapple, lime, blue raspberry and tangerine. Grab this Toxic Waste Worms Sour and Chewy candy today!

What’s your favourite sour American Candy? 

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