What are Mike and Ike Sweets?

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What are Mike and Ike Sweets? - Candy Mail UK

The original iconic fruity Mike and Ike American candy is legendary. The soft and chewy jellybean shaped candies were created in 1940 by the Just Born candy company. Mike and Ike candy soon became the No. 1 best-selling American candy to enjoy at movies.

Why are they called Mike and Ike?

Mike and Ike are not real people, much like Betty Crocker and other big American brands, they are fictional characters.

When it comes to where the name Mike and Ike came from, this is still unknown to this day. There are several theories of course, from a comic strip called Mike and Ike, about two characters who looked alike to Mike and Ike being the names of winners from a company contest, and even a vaudeville (a comical theatre genre from the early 1900’s) song titled “Mike and Ike”.

Why did Mike and Ike split Up?

It’s not all been plain sailing for Mike and Ike, back in 2012 the renowned American candy duo Mike and Ike split up. The yearlong ‘separation’ was all over social media and proved an excellent marketing campaign!

Apparently due to creative differences, Mike left to pursue a music career, while Ike pursued a career in art. Taking the ‘break-up’ even further, the company released special packaging with either Mike or Ike's name scratched out.

But never fear, Mike and Ike were reunited, with the campaign culminating in this dramatic Hollywood dram style YouTube video.

The marketing campaign tripled the company's social media traffic and gained them almost 1 million Facebook followers. It also contributed to their highest sales numbers in the 73 year history of the Mike and Ike brand.

Are Mike and Ikes Vegan?

The answer is yes and no. Most of Mike and Ikes candy is made without the use of animal products, although some Mike and Ike flavours do contain non vegan ingredients. Another point to consider is that the glaze contains shellac, which many vegans consider makes a product non vegan.

Are Mike and Ikes Gluten Free?

All Mike and Ike flavours are gluten-free ingredient-wise, but the company does state that some of their processing facilities handle non gluten-free products.

Mike and Ike’s Flavours

Mike and Ike candies burst with flavours and these plenty of great Mike and Ike flavours to choose from. Here’s our top 5!

  • Mike and Ike Berry Blast

    Enjoy all the best berries in one Berry Blast Changemaker box that is absolutely bursting with flavours. You get a mix of Wild Berry, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach Berry - it’s berrylicious!

  • Mike and Ike Mega Mix

    If you just can't decide what Mike and Ike flavour to try, then this Mike and Ike Mega Mix is the one for you! You’ll discover loads of amazing flavours in one box - Caribbean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise Punch, Grape Soda, Kiwi Banana, Mango Delight, Watermelon, Pineapple Banana, Peach Berry, and Blue Raspberry! Now take a breath!

  • Mike and Ike Cotton Candy

    You get a mixture of pink and blue cotton candy-flavoured Mike and Ike's in each sweet tasting Cotton Candy box. They make a delicious snack, perfect for parties or even decorating cakes.

  • Mike and Ike Sour Mega Mix

    If you love sour flavours this Mike and Ike Sour Mega Mix is for you! With loads of zingy fruit to delight your tastebuds, you’ll be hooked on these tangy sour chewy candies in Apple, Cherry, Lime, Pineapple, Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, Punch, Watermelon and Raspberry flavours.

  • Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

    These totally tropical flavours of Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon are always a huge hit. Enjoy the six exciting tropical fruit flavours of Kiwi Banana, Caribbean Punch, Strawberry Banana, Paradise Punch and Mango!

Want more Mike and Ike American candies? Then check out our full Mike and Ike range from www.candymail.co.uk, we imported direct from America and deliver them to your door.


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