What is Mochi?

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What is Mochi? - Candy Mail UK

Mochi are little Japanese rice cakes made with soft and chewy rice which has been pounded into small round buns. They are traditionally made in Japan for the Japanese New Year celebrations.

These deliciously sticky rice cakes have been a part of the culture and tradition of Japan since the year 794 during the Japanese Heian period. Mochi has been used for ceremonies and modern functions such as on Girl’s Day and Children’s Day, but the most common one, remains the use of Mochi in the New Year ceremonies in Japan. 

While Mochi is delectable, it’s not always used for eating, it’s also used as a decorative motif. In Japanese culture, there is a traditional New Year decoration known as Kagami mochi that literally means mirror mochi rice cake. The Japanese break the ornamental Kagami mochi and have it for good fortune and health.

How to pronounce Mochi

The correct pronunciation of mochi in Japanese is moh-chee. Mochi is often mispronounced as moe-key or moh-key in English speaking countries.

What does Mochi taste like?

Traditional mochi tastes like sweet rice as it usually has sugar added. It has a sticky, stretchy, soft, and chewy texture. However, Mochi is very versatile and has endless flavour possibilities.

Different Japanese regions have different mochi specialties too and mochi can take on a variety of sweet and savoury forms. Mochi is largely used in many types of wagashi which are Japanese sweets but also features in many savoury Japanese dishes.

Our pick of top Mochi flavours

Strawberry Mochi

Enjoy a fruity treat with this Cacoa Strawberry Mochi. Take a bite and inside of these tasty Mochi rice cakes you’ll find a delicious creamy white chocolate filling.

Chocolate Mochi

If chocolate is your ‘go to’ sweet treat, these Cacao Chocolate Mochi are a must try. Uncover the delicious creamy chocolate filling inside these delightful chocolate flavoured rice cakes. 

Mango Mochi

With a refreshing taste of mango with these Bamboo House Mango Mochi combine soft and chewy rice cakes filled with with a fruity mango filling.

Matcha Mochi

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder made from finely powdered dried tea leaves and is a bright green colour. These delectable Cacao Matcha Mochi combine the matcha flavour inside these mochi rice cakes for a totally Japanese experience.  

Where can I buy Mochi in the UK?

Whether you want to try authentic Mochi (moh-chee) for the first time or it’s one of your favourite sweet treats, you can get a variety of flavours of Mochi at www.candymail.co.uk delivered to your door here in the UK in time for the Japanese New Year.

Discover all the Mochi flavours in our Mochi range today for a real taste of Japan.

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