What are the best Fanta flavours?

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What are the best Fanta flavours? - Candy Mail UK

Fanta is a household name when it comes to fizzy drinks and American soda. Although, the classic iconic orange flavour of Fanta actually originated in Germany not America as you might assume!

The fruity flavoured carbonated soft drink was created by Coca-Cola Deutschland as a substitute for Coca-Cola in 1940 due to the American trade embargo of Nazi Germany.

They only used ingredients available in Germany at the time, and the name Fanta, was the result of a brainstorming session. The team were told to ‘use their imagination’, as the German word for imagination is ‘fantasie’ someone replied ‘Fanta’.

By 1943, the popularity of Fanta had soared in Germany with three million cans being sold that year.  

Why is Fanta different in the UK?

The current recipe for Fanta was developed in Italy in 1955, but did you know that Fanta in the UK is yellow but in America it's orange?

That’s because Fanta in Britain and Europe is Fanta, while everything sold elsewhere is a coloured soda drink using the Coca-Cola brand name of Fanta. But don’t panic, there’s big advantages to this when it comes to all the different Fanta flavours available to be imported from America. We’ve also got some unique Japanese Fanta flavours too.

Top Fanta flavours

Here’s a rundown of our favourite fruity imported Fanta flavours, but there’s more available here

Fanta Berry

Discover the bright and fruity flavour of Fanta Berry with its very berry taste. It’s infused with the refreshing berries for a delightfully fruity combination from America. It’s available by the can or if you want more Berry Fanta flavour you can also get a 12 Pack of Fanta Berry.

Fanta Grape

Grab an exciting blast of purple fizz in a can, Fanta Grape uses natural grape juice and is grapealicious! We think is best served cold from the fridge for a refreshing fruity taste of red grapes. 

Fanta Pineapple

With its tropical taste, Fanta Pineapple has a light fruity and refreshing flavour, ready to delight your taste buds. Our top tip is to use it as a mixer for cocktails, it’s even great to use for mocktails and is made from 100% natural flavours and fruit juice.

Fanta Strawberry

Sweet and fruity perfectly describes this Fanta Strawberry soda from America. It’s infused with the delightful flavour of strawberries and is perfect for summer parties or festivities any time of the year.  

Fanta White Peach

This delicious Fanta White Peach is made with the flavour of Japanese peaches and imported all the way from Japan. Its unique flavour is designed for Asian taste buds but now can be enjoyed here in the UK.

Fanta Grape

Here’s Fanta Grape flavour, but this edition is imported from Japan to delight and tickle your taste buds. You get to enjoy delicious fizzy red Japanese Grape Fanta flavour.

Fanta Grapefruit

Imported from America, this sweet but zingy Grapefruit Fanta is bursting with flavour. It’s an instantly refreshing zesty drink on the go or why not try using it as mixer with cocktails.

Fanta Jelly

Fanta Orange Snack Pack – Taste the explosion of orange Fanta in this tasty orange gel snack when you combine two of your favourite treats for the ultimate snack experience. Get your hands on some Fanta jelly imported from America for a gluten-free and Kosher snack.

Fanta Pineapple Snack Pack - If you prefer Pineapple to orange, then indulge yourself with this six pack of fruity jelly snacks in Pineapple Fanta flavour.

Everybody loves our imported Fanta flavours, what’s your favourite? Browse our Fanta range here, go on you know you wanta!

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