Can You Have An American Sweet Shop Without Lucky Charms?

Aaron Roberts
Can You Have An American Sweet Shop Without Lucky Charms? - Candy Mail UK

It's safe to say that if you ask someone to name an American Breakfast cereal they will more than likely name Lucky Charms. The impact the brand and products has had on the American Sweet Shop industry is impressive. At Candy Mail we stock an extensive range of Lucky Charms products including multiple variations of their classic cereal. In this blog we take a look at if you can have an American Sweet Shop without Lucky Charms.

Where Did They Come From?

In 1964 the Lucky Charms brand was founded. Founded by a product developer called John Holahan, he was tasked with utilising existing manufacturing of General Mills. At the time this brand was very much focused about Wheaties and Cheerios. The brand Lucky Charms originated from charm bracelets which was actually suggested by a marketing business. 

It was not all plain sailing for the business as they began with a healthy oat recipe which was designed to be a healthy option. However, once initial expectations wasn't met they decided to add a sugar coating which would appeal to a younger audience. The marshmallow pieces have always been a mainstay with the first box being launched with yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers.

Since their inception there has been many variations of the product itself, including a limited edition sparkling rainbow which was produced in the year 2000. The sparkling rainbow actually replaced the standard colours for a period of time. As well as two new rainbow colours being added for LGBT pride month back in 2013. Alongside these there has been changes to colours and even a move back to their heritage. They keep their customers guessing what is next so create demand in a unique way.

What Ones Do We Stock?

It's safe to say that no American Sweet Shop is complete without at least one Lucky Charms product. At Candy Mail we do have an extensive range which continues to be vastly popular. These include the following:-

Galactic Lucky Charms 

Chocolate Lucky Charms

Frosted Flakes Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

Our range is always growing as we attempt to meet the needs and wants of our customers. It is always worth checking our recent additions to see what is new!

What Do We Think?

At Candy Mail we love a Lucky Charms product. No breakfast is complete without them. The original cereal is easily the best within our industry as well being the most popular with our customers. The range they offer and also have coming soon is extensive so always keep an eye on our website!

So, Do You Need Them?

It's safe to say when people ask can you have an American Sweet Shop without Lucky Charms, we think the answer is No! Lucky Charms has a great heritage in the American Candy world, as well as having one of the best product ranges. At Candy Mail we are always striving to make sure we have the best products in industry. If you would like some more information on what we stock then please take a look at our website or please feel free to Contact Us.

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