How We Build Our Mystery Candy Box

Aaron Roberts
How We Build Our Mystery Candy Box - Candy Mail UK

When it comes to American Sweets most will love a variety. The sweets we stock tend to take people back to older days, or even trips abroad where they have discovered their new favourites. To cater to those people we have built our mystery boxes. Each a varied range in which gives you the best of both worlds. In this blog we will look at how we build our mystery candy box.

What Is A Mystery Box 

A mystery box does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a mystery. However we do give you a bit of guidance to what it may be for example Australian Classic Box or Japanese Sweet Box. Both of these will contain various sweets from their specific areas. What we do guarantee with our mystery boxes is that the contents will be more than the value of the box itself. So it is a very cost effective way to get more choice!

What Does It Involve 

Our Mystery Boxes are built using careful consideration and always aim to include our leading brands and products. The idea behind the box is to give you a greater array or products all of which would add up to more than the standard price you pay. We build these boxes based on themes as well for example Australian Selection, Far East Selection, American Candy Classics, American Savoury and also Taste of Ireland. By paying a one off price for each of these Mystery Boxes you are guaranteed to not be disappointed!

How Much Does It Cost

Our mystery candy boxes come in a range of sizes and also offer a varying array of products. By offering different sizes we ensure that our customers are able to obtain what they need even with differing budgets. In terms of other costs they are £3.99 to deliver unless you decide you want more specific items alongside it as over £49.99 is also free delivery.

What Is Our Favourite Box And Why?

It's a tough decision for us at CandyMail as we all love sweets. However if we had to choose it would be the American Candy Supreme Box. Now for the very simple reason that for £29.99 you do get a lot of products. With this selection you do get a varied mixture of sweets and also drinks which enables you to experience a more varied range. Not to forget it's also because we have a particular love for American Candy as well.

To Conclude

So there you have it, if you want a selection of sweet products, all for a great value and you like the thought of trying something new then a mystery box is for you. How we build our mystery candy box is very simple, and out efforts all aimed towards giving the best value we can to our customers. For more information on our Mystery Boxes or any of our other products then please do feel free to Contact Us.

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