How do you make S’mores?

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How do you make S’mores? - Candy Mail UK

Nothing says America more than S’mores, they are crunchy, sweet and chocolatey and this is one sweet treat that is a true classic from the USA. Traditionally roasted over a campfire, S’mores consist of toasted marshmallows and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two Graham crackers.

Why are S’mores called S’mores?

These tasty treats were originally called ‘Some Mores’ but it’s unknown when the name was shortened to S’mores. They can be traced back to a cookbook from the 1920’s but became a household name in the 1950’s with Boy and Girl Scouts making them a summer camp custom which are now loved by children and adults around the world.

S’mores Recipe 

If you’ve never heard of S’mores then here’s a recipe for the gooey delicious campfire snacks. At Candymail, the home of American snacks, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make tasty S’mores for all the family to enjoy. Don’t worry if cooking is not your strong point, there’s only three ingredients. 

S’mores Ingredients

Graham Crackers – A savoury cracker and another classic American snack, with a hint of sweetness, making them perfect for S'mores!

Marshmallows - These Jet Puffed Stacker Marshmallows are perfectly shaped to make the best S'mores!

Chocolate Bar – A Hershey's milk chocolate bar is the perfect fit and of course made by the masters of American Chocolate.


  1. Take one graham cracker and break it in half (one for the top, one for the bottom cracker).
  2. Cover one of the cracker halves with chocolate pieces to fit the graham cracker.
  3. Put a marshmallow (or two) on a skewer and hold it over the fire until roasted and slightly golden brown.
  4. Take the toasted marshmallow (still on the stick) and lay it on the side of the graham cracker with the chocolate.
  5. Take the other half of the graham cracker and cover the hot marshmallow, pressing down firmly enough to pull out the stick.
  6. Eat and enjoy it while warm, like a sandwich.

How to mix up your S’mores

If you’ve not got a campfire to hand, you can also cook your S’mores indoors in the oven or even the microwave. Just lay out Graham Crackers on a baking sheets, add chocolate and a marshmallow to each of them and bake for 2-3 minutes, depending how toasty you like them, then squish together with another cracker for a melty, gooey sandwich.

Another way to pimp up your S’mores is to add a different chocolate. Dark chocolate makes luxurious S’mores or why not try Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for a nutty twist.

Adding a spread to the second cracker before topping off makes a unique S’mores, you can go for a classic Nutella or Lotus Biscoff sauce or even jam and lemon curd! 

S’mores flavoured American candy and snacks

If your campfire has gone cold or you’re just not up to making your own S’mores, you can still experience the S’mores flavour in these tasty American sweets and  snacks.

S'mores Pop Tarts

S’mores Pop Tart

S’mores for breakfast? Why not, these S’mores Pop Tarts are great to eat any time of the day and ready to pop in the toaster for a quick and easy snack!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish S’mores

These cute fish shaped tasty baked Graham snacks are ready to eat! Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers are baked not fired for a healthier snack, so you can enjoy the S’mores flavour straight from the packet.

S’mores Pods

This S’mores snack may come from Australia, but they’ve got the same great S’mores taste. A deliciously crunchy wafer biscuit with marshmallow, topped with a generous helping of smooth, rich chocolate. Try S’mores Pods today and add some to your shopping basket.

Gardners S’mores Chocolate Bar

Enjoy this ready to eat S’mores Chocolate Bar, with marshamallow and Graham cracker covered in creamy milk chocolate. It’s a mouth-wateringly delectable ‘on the go’ S’mores snack.

Kelloggs Smorz 

Yes, you can get a S’mores breakfast cereal! These Kelloggs Smorz are definitely the right way to wake up in the morning. Enjoy crunchy Graham cereal wrapped in a rich chocolatey coating complete with marshmallows. Bring the deliciousness of a favourite campfire treat to your mornings.

If you want s’more S’mores, and seriously, once you have melty chocolate and toasty marshmallow squashed together between two crackers, who isn’t going to want some more - Get S’mores shopping at now.

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