Where to buy Van Holten’s Pickles in the UK

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Where to buy Van Holten’s Pickles in the UK - Candy Mail UK

Van Holten’s Pickles are the America’s original salty pickle snack! If you’ve not enjoyed a Pickle-in-a-pouch before, you’ve got to find out what you’ve been missing out on.

Van Holten’s are passionate about pickles and have been making quality pickle products since 1898. They began as a vinegar distributor and added sauerkraut and pickles to its product line a few years later. 

Today, Van Holten’s are the world's number one pickle producer of individually wrapped pickles all of which are locally grown and packaged in Wisconsin, USA. They totally dominate the pickle-in-a-pouch market, selling more than 33 million a year. That’s a lot of pickles!

Van Holten’s Pickle Flavours

Van Holten's Pickle

Not only are Van Holten’s Pickles flavoursome, with tasty varieties such as Hearty Dill, Zesty Kosher Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Sour flavour and Tapatio, but we just love the colourful and fun pickle characters on the packaging.

Want more pickles, then Van Holten’s giant pickles will be right up your street. Here’s a King Size Hot Mama Pickle or why not check out Van Holten’s King Size Sour Sis, she’s tart and tangy but bursting with flavour.

Are Van Holten’s pickles healthy?

As far as savoury snacks go, Van Holten’s pickles are the perfect snack (as long as you like pickles!) with no fat, low carbs, low calorie, and gluten free, what’s not to love! The individually wrapped ‘pickles in a bag’ are great for on the go, whatever mouth-watering giant pickle flavour you choose.

How do you eat your Van Holten’s Pickles?

So, of course you can enjoy your giant pickle straight out the bag, hence having the nickname of ‘pickle in a pouch’, but if you love pickles there’s so much more you can do with a Van Holten’s pickle.

Have you tried adding some heat to an ordinary sandwich? Avoid the soggy packed sandwich at lunch time by adding a Van Holten’s pickle just before you eat it, how genius is that! You could even slice up the Van Holten’s Hot & Spicy pickle and add it to a pre-packaged sarnie to create a tasty lunch time masterpiece.

Time to add some zing to your BBQ? What goes with a burger better than a Van Holten’s Dill Pickle. You can also chop up Garlic Joe Pickle and add to a salad for some extra flavour. Your BBQ will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

For extreme pickle enthusiasts, you can even use the pickle brine from the ‘pickle in a bag’ as a mixer to cocktails or for chaser shots – we’d love to hear how that goes!

Where to buy Van Holten’s pickles in the UK?

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a giant pickle, you’re in luck, here at www.candymail.co.uk we’ve got a selection of Van Holten’s Pickles available to order here in the UK.

Get ready to party with a pickle, hey don’t knock til you’ve tried it!

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