Top 10 Mrs Freshley’s Donuts and Cakes

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Top 10 Mrs Freshley’s Donuts and Cakes - Candy Mail UK

Donuts, cupcakes, brownies, crème filled cakes and iced buns are some of the delicious American baked goodies from Mrs Freshley. Cakes don’t get any sweeter than Mrs Freshley’s donuts and cakes and these ‘on the go’ snacks are a much loved American brand with a well-earned reputation for the sweetest cakes in the States.

Who is Mrs Freshley?

Rewind to 1994 and you’ll only have found Mrs Freshley’s cakes in vending machines across America. The company behind Mrs. Freshley’s is Flowers Foods, who have more than 100 years of baking experience and entered the vending market with pre-packed freshly baked and tasty goods.

Mrs Freshley’s sweet cakes soon became a big hit and quickly expanded to be found on the shelves of American retail stores. Today, they sell over 50 different sweet snacks and cakes, earning numerous awards for quality and taste.

With so many delectable sweet treats to choose from, it’s been tough picking the top 10 Mrs Freshley’s donuts and cakes, but we've done our best and here’s the sweet results. 

  1. Mrs Freshley’s Mini Crunch Donuts

    Bite-sized mini donuts covered in a crunchy layer of sugar; do we need to say more? These Mrs Freshley’s Crunch Mini Donuts are sugary sweet and when you bite through the crunch and you reach the soft pastry, they are just divine.

  2. Mrs Freshley’s Mini Frosted Chocolate Donuts

    What’s better than sugar donuts, that’ll be Mrs Freshley’s Frosted Chocolate Mini Donuts. They’ve got the same sweet and soft pastry, but with a chocolate frosted coating for a chocolatey twist on the classic donut.

  3. Mrs Freshley’s Grand Iced Honey Bun

    From donuts to honey buns and they don’t get much sweeter than the Mrs Freshley’s Grand Iced Honey Bun. This jumbo iced bun makes the perfect coffee break sweet snack and has won several awards including pastry product of the year.

  4. Mrs Freshley’s Oreo Brownie

    If there’s ever been two words that taste better together than Oreo and Brownie, we don’t know what they are! Mrs Freshley’s Oreo Brownie is a baked masterpiece made with Oreo cookie pieces, making it rich, sweet and let’s face it downright heavenly.

  5. Mrs Freshley’s Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcakes

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love Reeses, you’ll adore these Mrs Freshley’s Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Part of the Mrs Freshley’s Deluxe range, these scrumptious chocolate cupcakes have a Reeses peanut butter icing and filling, making every bite a Reeses lover’s dream cupcake.

  6. Mrs Freshley’s Dreamies Twin Pack

    Talking of dreams, Mrs Freshley’s Dreamies Twin Pack will definitely satisfy your sweet snack attacks. You get two light crème filled sponge cakes, go on just take a bite to taste the delicious vanilla crème inside. Don’t even think about sharing them!

  7. Mrs Freshley’s Cinnamon Swirl Bun

    This is no ordinary cinnamon bun, this is a Mrs Freshley’s Cinnamon Swirl Bun. The   light and fluffy cinnamon pastry is in the shape of swirled bun with a sweet sugar cinnamon flavour throughout and a cinnamon coating.

  8. Mrs Freshley’s Pink Snowballs

    If you love original Mrs Freshley’s Snowballs, you’ll go mad for Mrs Freshley’s Pink Snowballs. The moist chocolate sponge cakes have a sweet crème filling and covered in a layer of coconut covered pink marshmallow.

  9. Mrs Freshley’s Vanilla Cupcake

    A classic vanilla cupcake, filled with vanilla crème, surrounded by delectable soft moist sponge, topped with icing and of course coloured sprinkles. It may be a twin pack of Mrs Freshley’s Vanilla Cupcakes, but we don’t recommend sharing!

  10. Mrs Freshley’s Donut Sticks

    These ready to eat glazed donut sticks will have you licking your lips. Mrs Freshley’s Donut Sticks are fresh and yummy tasting and some say they are the best donut sticks ever, why not try for yourself and decide.

Is it time for you to ‘make life sweeter’ with Mrs Freshley’s donuts and cakes, then view the full Mrs Freshley’s collection here and discover these individually packaged delicious American baked goods, perfect for lunch boxes or for when you’re on the go!

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