The Best Halloween Candy to Try this Year

Aaron Roberts
The Best Halloween Candy to Try this Year - Candy Mail UK

It's that time of year again: All Hallows Eve. While some people like to celebrate with a costume party or even just a night out trick-or-treating for candy, others prefer to spend the holiday at home and get creative with their treats. And if you're planning on staying in this Halloween, then we've got just the thing for you: our list of favourite American Halloween candy!

Candy corn

Candy Corn

You may not know it, but candy corn is a classic. It's made with sugar and corn syrup, which are heated together until they caramelise and turn brownish-yellow. Food colouring is added to give them the colour of actual corn kernels.

Brach's Classic Candy Corn is America's favourite Halloween Candy, but now you can enjoy these tasty candy corn treats all year round in the UK. It is the original sweet and the classic tri-coloured treat. With a unique rich texture and real-honey flavour, you'll soon see why Brach's Candy Corn is America's #1 Candy Corn!


Peeps are sugar coated marshmallow chicks, they come in a variety of colours and flavours, and are a classic American Easter treat. But come Halloween they get a spooky makeover, with frightening green monsters and pumpkin shapes.
While it's tempting to think of Peeps as "the candy for children," some adults really love them too—so much so that there's an entire holiday dedicated to eating them (National Peeps Day on March 14).


Reeses Pumpkin

Ready for a treat that's not just delicious, but also a little bit spooky? We've got you covered.

Reese’s Halloween editions are one of the best Halloween candies to try this year. They're made with real Reese's peanut butter and come in all your favourite Halloween shapes (skulls, pumpkins, ghosts… you name it). They're the perfect combination of sweet and salty—like a Reese's cup that comes with its own crunchy shell!

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are one of the most iconic Halloween candies around—and they're also one of the most delicious. They combine two of our favourite things: sour and sweet. They're small pieces of fruit-flavoured gummy that has been coated in a sour coating. 

They come in dozens of different flavours, but our personal favourite is watermelon. We can't get enough of it!


Get ready for Halloween with this huge 50-piece bag of Hershey's Halloween Candy Assortment. This great assortment contains everything you need to make your Halloween a success. These individually wrapped Hershey's packets are ideal for handing out to any scary demons and witches that might darken your doorstep! You get a great mix of: Twizzlers Strawberry, Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers Pull n’ peel Cherry. 


Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Halloween is a great time to enjoy some of the best American candy around. We hope that this list has helped you settle on your favourite Halloween treat so that when trick-or-treaters come knocking at your door, they can be sure of finding something good!

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