Where can I buy Marabou chocolate in the UK?

Aaron Roberts
Where can I buy Marabou chocolate in the UK? - Candy Mail UK

Have you been searching for the Swedish Marabou chocolate bars? Well, we’re happy to announce you can finally buy Marabou Chocolate in the UK! You’ve come to the right place to enjoy this Scandinavian smooth and creamy chocolate. We are big fans of Marabou chocolate here at Candymail which is why we have made sure to stock a huge range of different bars and flavours.

Where is Marabou Chocolate made?

Marabou chocolate is a Swedish chocolate brand, who have been producing their delicious treats since 1916, and are now part of the world's largest chocolate producer, Mondelēz. In the 1950’s, the chocolate was caramelised, which significantly changed its taste for the better, that made the Swedes say "Mmm..." when they put a piece of chocolate in their mouth.

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to buy, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Marabou chocolate to try:


Special moments deserve a special treat and Marabou Dots are for those moments. Made with 100% Marabou milk chocolate, Dots are wafer thin chocolate buttons that melt in your mouth, totally delicious that you’ll just want more of.

Never Stop

Marabou Never Stop are deliciously addictive and crunchy chocolate shells filled with classic Swedish milk chocolate. In the shape of dragees these are similar to Galaxy Minstrels, but we think Never Stop’s are definitely better.


The Marabou Japp is a Swedish favourite. It's been a classic since 1947 and has won the hearts of many, with its delicious Marabou milk chocolate covering soft caramel and chewy chocolate meringue, similar to a Mars bar.

Oreo Chocolate Block

The Swedish chocolate brand has done a great job with this delicious Marabou Oreo Chocolate Block. The creamy milk chocolate and the crispy cocoa Oreo biscuits are bound together in harmony to create a delightful taste sensation that no sweet tooth should be without.

Mint Choco Roll

A delightful treat for mint chocolate fans, the Marabou Mint Choco Roll is a roll of small creamy milk chocolate domes with a minty caramel centre, think Rolos but minty!


If you are struggling to decide what Marabou chocolate to try first then this Marabou Twist bag is perfect. A favourite from the 60s, it contains an exciting mix of Marabou chocolate flavours where everyone will find their favourite, making it perfect to share among both family and friends. Flavours include Chocolate Toffee, Caramel, Notti, Nougat Krisp and Cocos to Japp, Golden Toffee, Daim, Liquorice and Marzipan.

So, there you have it, the best way to get your hands on some of those delicious Swedish Marabou chocolates in the UK is to head over to the Candymail website and order online.

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