What are the best Australian Chocolate bars?

Aaron Roberts
What are the best Australian Chocolate bars? - Candy Mail UK

G’day mate! We all know Australia has many beautiful features, from remarkable beaches, cuddly native animals and of course the gorgeous weather all year round. If you’ve ever visited Australia or you’ve lived there and now find yourself in the UK (we’re not quite so blessed with good weather all year round) you’ll understand that Australia is also blessed with a variety of delicious chocolate bars too.

If you find yourself missing Australian chocolate bars, then here’s a ‘beaut’ of an idea - check out our run down of the top 10 (in no particular order) of Aussie chocolate to tickle your taste buds.

  1. Caramilk

    You may have seen a UK Caramilk version in the shops recently, but we challenge you to try the Australian one and tell us which tastes better. The Australian Caramilk wins for us and if you want to know more about Caramilk’s rich and creamy history, read our blog here.
  2. Cherry Ripe

    Not only does the Cherry Ripe chocolate bar make our list of the best Australian chocolate bars, but it is also Australia’s oldest chocolate bar. Cherry Ripe was introduced in 1924 by MacRobertson Chocolates (taken over by Cadbury in 1967) and is uniquely Australian. It’s a combination of cherries, coconut and dark chocolate. It’s also only sold in Oz!
  3. Original Tim Tam

    Native to Australia, the original Tim Tam bar is often compared to a Penguin bar in the UK. While Tim Tam are one of Australia’s most love chocolate bars, if you’ve not heard of Tim Tams then check out this article ‘What are Tim Tams’ to get the full low down, you’ll also discover what the Tim Tam Slam is!
  4. Cadbury Dream

    Cadbury’s Dream

    The Cadbury Dream white chocolate bar is super smooth, creamy and adored by white chocolate fans. Sadly, Cadbury discontinued the original Dream bar in the UK, but in Australia due to its popularity, we’re able to get our hands on some, so you can still live the dream!
  5. Violet Crumble

    We know, the name doesn’t immediately conjure a picture of a chocolate bar, but if you know Australia, then you’ll know that Violet Crumble is made from crumbly honeycomb toffee coated in chocolate. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s often compared to a Crunchie. The Violet Crumble was first made in Oz in 1913, and as for the name, the creator called the chocolate bar after his wife’s favourite flower and packaged it in purple after her favourite colour – how sweet is that.
  6. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Strawberry Freddo

    Who doesn’t love a Freddo Frog, and even after over 80 years, Freddo is one of Australia’s most popular children’s chocolates. This Aussie ‘Strawberry Pond’ version is a Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberry Freddo with a yummy soft strawberry flavoured centre.
  7. Milky Bar Gold

    Made in Australia, some say Milky Bar Gold is better than Caramilk! We know that’s a BIG CALL! But the deliciously smooth golden white chocolate with a creamy caramelised taste is as good as gold! Go on, try if for yourself and see.
  8. Tim Tam White

    Here’s Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit bar but in smooth white chocolate. Tim Tam White offers a mouth-watering combination of crunchy biscuit, white creamy filling and real white chocolate coating. Great with a cup of tea and doing the Tim Tam Slam!
  9. Cadbury’s Perky Nana

    What’s the John Dory here then? Well, this is not strictly all chocolate, the Cadbury’s Perky Nana bar is actually a banana flavoured chew bar covered with delicious milk chocolate. While it’s made in Australia, it’s also a big hit in New Zealand, like many of the best Australian chocolate bars are.
  10. Cadbury’s Pink Bar

    Cadbury's Pinky Bar is filled with soft, fluffy, pink marshmallow and caramel covered in Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. Pinky is definitely a unique chocolate bar but is the perfect pink sweet treat. 

Does Australian chocolate have a higher melting point?

Many people say that Cadbury’s chocolate tastes different in different countries. There’s a theory in Australia as to why chocolate tastes different to the UK version, with reports that Australian chocolate tastes more solid, and sweeter. This may be due to an additive or ingredient added to increase the melting point for hotter climates and is why it doesn’t melt in the Aussie heat. Crickey, who’s knows, but we love the taste of Australian chocolate whatever it is! 

So, if you missed throwing a shrimp on the barbie, whilst we can’t import the Australian sunshine, we do import the best Australian chocolate bars and deliver them right to your door in the UK. It’s what we do at www.candymail.co.uk so feel free to browse our Australian Collection of Chocolate, Sweets and Drinks and get ready to enjoy! As they say in Australia, have a bonza day!




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