What is Mountain Dew?

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What is Mountain Dew? - Candy Mail UK

Even the name sounds refreshing! Mountain Dew or as the branding displays Mtn Dew is one of America’s iconic and favourite soda drinks.

The original Mountain Dew goes right back to 1940 and was created by Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman as a mixer for bourbon or whiskey. The name ‘Mountain Dew’ was originally old time Southern slang for moonshine or homemade whiskey! Although this Mountain Dew was always non-alcoholic soft drink.

Over the next few decades, the Mountain Dew recipe was modified and in August 1964, the Mountain Dew brand was bought by the Pepsi-Cola company, who changed the branding to attract a younger generation and expanded distribution across the US. In 1974, Pepsi added orange flavouring to the lemon-lime mix and today’s signature lime-green colouring that we’ve all come to know and love.

What flavour is Mountain Dew?

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew original flavour is a smooth and tasty citrus flavoured caffeinated soda drink, and in 1988 Diet Mountain Dew was introduced. In addition to being a great soft drink, it’s also good as a mixer or for adding to a variety of cocktails. 

Check Out Other Mountain Dew Flavours

Did you know that Mountain Dew doesn’t just come in the signature green can or bottle! There are other delicious Mountain Dew flavours too. Our favourite is the limited edition Mtn Dew Baja Blast with a juicy tropical lime flavour twist. Baja Blast was originally exclusive to Taco Bell restaurants in the USA, but thankfully for us they decided to release it on the shelves too! There’s also a zero sugar Baja Blast version if you’re counting the calories.

You can also enjoy the fruity cherry flavoured Mtn Dew Code Red, while Mtn Dew Voltage has a sweet raspberry and citrus twist! If Voltage is top of your Mountain Dew list, this Voltage 12 can case will be right up your street.

There really is a Mountain Dew for everyone, the new limited edition Mountain Dew Liberty Brew has 50 flavours in 1 soda drink! Yes, it really has a combination of 50 different fruity flavours (representing 50 states in America) in one can. Liberty Brew is a funky dark blue colour and was officially released in America over the Memorial Day weekend in 2019. Be quick though, this isn’t going to be around for long!

Where can you buy Mountain Dew in the UK?

You can find the Dew that's right for you, right here at www.candymail.co.uk, we import the original Mountain Dew and other delicious Mountain Dew flavours direct from the States. Discover the full Mountain Dew Collection here, choose your favourites and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

Whether you want it to accompany your whiskey, add a fruity kick to a cocktail or just enjoy it straight from the can or bottle, Mtn Dew is a must try American soda, and the perfect drink for summertime.

Those who do just love the Dew!

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