What are Pocky Sticks?

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What are Pocky Sticks? - Candy Mail UK

Pocky Sticks are a popular and adored snack in Japan, they are especially loved by teenagers. Launched back in 1966 by Glico, Pocky are little stick snacks which have literally taken over the world. The word 'Pocky' is onomatopoeic, meaning the sound it makes when the stick is broken in two.

With each Pocky Stick measuring approximately 21.5cm long, Pocky Sticks today are available in a vast range of flavours to delight the most discerning snack lover. They are the ideal snack for sharing and have the added bonus of each Pocky Stick having the ‘no mess handle’, so the kids won’t get chocolate all over their hands.

What are Pocky Sticks made from?

Pocky Sticks

These favourite Japanese snacks or biscuit sticks are smothered in chocolate or one of the many other Pocky flavours available nowadays, but what are Pocky Sticks made from?

That’ll be pretzel dough which is thinly stretched and divided to a thickness of 5mm using a special roller, then baked in an oven for 30 minutes. Pocky Sticks are slowly cooled over a full day and kept straight to avoid breaking after baking.

Finally, they are covered in the all-important tantalising chocolate or yummy flavouring to finish.  

What are the best Pocky flavours?

Pocky comes in a veritable rainbow of varieties and flavours today from strawberry, coconut and even giant Pocky. Whilst the original Pocky Chocolate Sticks have always been popular, it was in response to requests for different flavours other than chocolate, that in 1971 Pocky Almond was introduced.

Pocky Strawberry appeared in 1976 and tastes just like strawberry ice cream on stick. Being Japanese snacks there are of course a few slightly weird flavours, such as Pocky Matcha flavour, for a unique taste of Japan. Each year in the summer and winter, there are limited edition Pocky released along with special regional flavours.

What is a Pocky Kiss?

Pocky Sticks are all about sharing the happiness and there’s a popular game in Japan among the younger Pocky Stick fans. This two-person game only requires a box of Pocky and begins with two people both eating one Pocky from each end. The first person whose mouth comes off the Pocky or the other player gets to the middle first loses. If the partakers end up kissing, it’s a tie or a Pocky kiss!

When is Pocky Day?

Yes, there really is a national Pocky Day in Japan. The 1st November 1999 became the first Pocky Day with the number ‘1’ representing a Pocky stick shape (1.11). In 2016, Pocky Day went global to celebrate 50 years of Pocky. So, just in case you need an excuse to enjoy more Pocky Sticks, why not stock up on Pocky here ready for Pocky Day.

Where can you buy Pocky in the UK?

Here at www.candymail.co.uk, you can find the perfect Pocky flavour for you. Whether you share them or not, that’s up to you, but Pocky Sticks are a delicious sweet Japanese snack to enjoy any time of the day or night.

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