The 10 Best Japanese Snacks

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The 10 Best Japanese Snacks - Candy Mail UK

With the Tokyo Olympics in full swing, we thought it’s the ideal time to pay homage to Japanese snacks and sweets, in all their glory! 

Anyone who knows or has tried Japanese snacks, sweets and even Japanese soda drinks, will understand that the flavours and varieties can be ‘different’ and sometimes surprisingly unexpected, but always intriguing.

At we import authentic Japanese sweets and snacks, so in traditional Olympic flair, let’s see which Japanese snack is going for gold in our 10 best Japanese snacks.

  1. Hello Panda
    In the Gold medal position, it has to be Hello Panda biscuits. Nothing says ‘Japan’ more than cute pandas, and Hello Panda cookies are top of our list of the best Japanese snacks. Each Hello Panda biscuit has a small hollow shortbread layer, filled with different flavoured creams. Hello Panda chocolate really hits the spot, but a must try is Hello Panda Matcha Green Tea or Milk Crème flavour. Not only are they delicious, but on each biscuit, you’ll find a panda doing various sporting activities, a perfect snack to accompany your Olympic viewing.
  2. The Silver goes to Pocky, as one of Japan’s most loved and famous snacks. These long thin sticks of biscuit are lightly covered in chocolate or one of the many flavours available including banana, strawberry and Pocky Zeitaku Jitate Almond Milk Pocky are a delicious light snack whatever flavour you choose.
  3. With a very respectable Bronze medal, Mochi has been part of Japanese culture and tradition since the year 794. The deliciously sticky rice cake Mochi is used at ceremonies and special occasions, including New Year and pink Mochi in Spring to celebrate the cherry blossom. We also love Mochi Mango, but if you’re new to Mochi, try this Mixed Mini Mochi flavour bag.
  4. When you think of a Kits Kat, you might not think green, but Japanese Kit Kats come in unique flavours including of course Kit Kat Match Tea flavour which is green! Find out more about Japanese Kit Kats in our blog Everything you need to know about Japanese Kit Kats.
  5. Oreo is a worldwide recognised brand today and these Oreo Wafer Rolls from Asia make a tasty snack any time of the day. They are exactly as described, a chocolate wafer roll filled with a chocolate creme and absolutely yummy.
  6. Tohato is a famous manufacturer of Japanese snacks with iconic varieties like Caramel Corn for a sweet and savoury puffed corn snack, Bokun Habanero and Chocobi, a star shaped chocolate snacks. A must try!
  7. Here’s a fun Japanese sweet snack; Fettucine Gummi candy is designed to look and feel like pasta! Don’t worry they taste like gummy candies and are covered in a dusting of sour candy. Our top rated flavour is Fettucine Gummy Soda for a distinctive Japanese candy treat.
  8. Pokemon Snacks
    Catch them if you can! These classic Pokemon snacks shout Japan loud and clear. With many Japanese snacks and sweets having a Pokemon branded version, our favourites are Pokemon Love Pikachu Gummi candy washed down with Pokemon Ocean Bomb Cider Soda Pikachu. Everything tastes better with Pokemon!
  9. Kasuagi has been producing Japanese candy and snacks since 1928 and are famous for their Kasuagi gummy candies. Made with real fruit juice, this Kasagai Gummy Mix lets you try some of the different flavours available.
  10. Having been noodle makers since 1878, Itsuki ramen noodles are renowned for their dried, pre-cooked, and instant Japanese noodles. With delicious, authentic flavours like Itsuki Animal Free Kumamoto Akakara Ramen or Itsuki Spinach Somen you’ll love these ramen noodles.

We couldn’t talk about Japanese snacks without mentioning Japanese sodas to wash them down with. Ramune Sodas and Ocean Bomb are two of the big names when it comes to soda in Japan. Want to know how to open Ramune Sodas? Then read our article What is Ramune Soda to find out, it’s entertaining! Ocean Bomb is sparkling flavoured water and is branded with iconic Japanese characters of Pokemon and Dragonball; very cool.

If you’re new to Japanese sweets and snacks but want to get into the Olympic spirit, then our Mini Japanese Candy Box is the perfect taster selection.

Want more? This Supreme Japanese Sweet Box is definitely a winning choice, with great mix of snacks, candy and soda from across the Far East. We’d certainly give it a gold medal.

So, if you are craving authentic, imported Japanese snacks, sweets or soda while cheering on the remarkable athletes competing at the Tokyo Olympics, we’ve got you covered.

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