What are Twizzlers?

Aaron Roberts
What are Twizzlers? - Candy Mail UK

Are you ready to twist things up, with Twizzlers? We’re talking about the original tasty, sweet and chewy Twizzlers, an American candy cinema favourite across the USA for decades.

If you’re looking for a versatile low fat sweet candy treat that tastes delicious – yes that’s low fat delicious candy – then read on and discover one of America’s top candy brands.

Twizzlers (not to be confused with Turkey Twizzlers from the UK) is one of the most popular American candies and have been around since 1929. This fun American candy is referred to as liquorice type candy, because only the Black liquorice flavour is actually liquorice! 

Today there is enough Twizzlers produced to go around the world 40 times every year!

Twizzlers Top Flavours & Varieties

Today, these twisty and knobbly ropes of fun come in many fun varieties, shapes and flavours, from classic strawberry flavour to mouth-watering watermelon. By the way, have we mentioned that Twizzlers are low in fat, so don't worry if you accidentally eat a whole packet! The only dilemma is which Twizzlers flavour to go for!

Strawberry Twizzlers

At the top of the Twizzlers chart, is the classic fruity Twizzlers strawberry flavour with 70% of the annual production of Twizzlers being strawberry, it’s a popular choice amongst Twizzlers fans.

Twizzlers Black Liquorice

This is an original Twizzlers flavour and back to where it all started. If you love liquorice then you’ll adore these, go on bag yourself some Black Liquorice Twizzlers here!

Rainbow Twizzlers

Want to brighten up your day? These Twizzlers Rainbow Twists will tick every box. Each colour is a different flavour, that’s six fruity flavours in every pack; Strawberry, Orange, Lemonade, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Grape. Perfect if you can’t decide what your favourite Twizzlers flavour is.

What are Pull n’ Peel Twizzlers?

Get ready for this…why not try Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel, a fun new way to eat the twisty ropes, with each twist being split in to smaller laces for you to peel off and enjoy one by one. Think the candy version of cheese strings and you’ll get the idea.

Ever Heard of Filled Twizzlers?

The fun never stops with Twizzlers, we also stock Twizzlers Filled Twists. Oh yes, you can enjoy the same fruity ropes we all love, with the added bonus of a creamy filled centre. A ‘must try’ Filled Twizzlers flavour has got to be this zingy Orange Cream Pop Flavour, a real taste of Florida.

As one of America’s favourite candy treats, if you’re having trouble making up your mind which Twizzlers are your favourite, then check out the full range of Twizzlers here or discover the home of American candies and sweets at Candymail.co.uk.


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