Where to Buy American Candy?

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Where to Buy American Candy? - Candy Mail UK

The answer is simple, right here at Candymail.co.uk, the HOME of American Candy and Sweets. We are based in the UK, but our heart and taste buds are firmly in the States, we love American candy, and our customers do too!

What’s the difference between American candy and UK sweets?

American candy tastes unlike any other candy and has some classic American brands and ‘oh so memorable’ flavours. Whether you love sour candy, gummy candy, hard candy, soft or chewy candy there is something for everyone. One of the main differences is the huge variety of flavours that American candy is available in.

Where can you buy American candy?

When it comes to buying American candy, we stock a wide selection of American sweets and candy including top American Brands; Hershey, Reeses, Twizzlers and M&M's to name but a few.

You may have seen a few American candy brands appearing in supermarkets here in the UK, but the ranges are quite limited and tend to just have the standard flavour of a certain product.

If you can’t find your favourite American candy, chances are, we can! Take a look at these hard to buy American candy brands and the different flavours that we stock.

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

While Strawberry flavour is generally available on the supermarket shelves, if you’re looking for more, then the fruity flavours of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists will blow your mind!

Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares

If you love Snickers, you’ll adore this Snickers Peanut Brownie, and yes, it’s available to buy online right here! There’s nothing not to like about this American candy bar, the marvellous brownie chocolately peanutness will leave you wanting more! One bar is not going to be enough.               

M&Ms Peanut Butter

M&M's are THE iconic American candy brand, but you may not have heard about M&Ms Peanut Butter flavour. Well, here it is, bag yourself a M&Ms Peanut Butter Theatre Box full of creamy peanut butter M&M's. Perfect for any peanut butter fans!

Must Try American Candies

If you’re not up on your American candies, firstly you’re missing out big time and secondly here’s four of the most popular must try American sweets.

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Rancher are famous for their fruity hard candy, gummies, fruit chews, jelly beans, lollipops and more. If hard candy is your thing, it doesn’t get any better than Jolly Rancher Original Hard Candy. It’s one of our best sellers so why not treat your taste buds to these fruity favourites.

Sour Patch Kids

These vegan friendly American candies came with the slogan "Sour. Sweet. Gone." referring to their sour-to-sweet taste. Treat yourself to a Sour Patch Kids Bag and enjoy the original sour and sweet sensation imported from the USA.

Tootsie Roll

As the first penny chew to be individually wrapped, the Tootsie Roll has been enjoyed in America since 1907. The mildly chocolate-flavoured taffy-like candy is in a class of its own with similar qualities to both caramels and taffy without being exactly either. Get your Tootsie Roll fill with the Tootsie Rolls Midgees Bag here.

Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey's Kisses have been a long standing popular American candy since 1907, with their distinctive conical shape and flat bottom. The solid milk chocolate bite sized Hersey’s Kisses come individually wrapped and are also perfect for decorating cakes or delicious to snack on. 

Want to know more about American Candy, check out the 10 Most Popular American Candies here.

Get an American Hamper Full of Candy

If you’re hankering for more, look no further than our American Hampers. These popular American Candy Mystery Boxes are packed with American goodies, perfect for sharing if you want to!! One of our favourites is the America Candy Treat Box, or why not spoil yourself with the American Candy Mega Box for a massive mega selection of candies and more, the ultimate American Hamper!

We also stock American Sodas and Snacks, Chips and Crisps check them out here!

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