Where can I buy Biscoff chocolate bars in the UK?

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Where can I buy Biscoff chocolate bars in the UK? - Candy Mail UK

A Biscoff chocolate bar? We hear you ask; are Lotus Biscoff not a biscuit? Well, here’s some news you may be interested in; Biscoff is so much more than a biscuit and YES, you can buy a Biscoff chocolate bar right here on the Candy Mail website. Read on and be prepared to be amazed at the delicious Biscoff products new to the UK!

Where did Lotus Biscoff originate?

The popularity of Lotus Biscoff in the UK has grown, from the small single wrapped biscuit to accompany a coffee to a whole range of Biscoff varieties and Biscoff flavoured products, but where did it all start?

The answer is in back in 1932, when Belgian baker, Jan Boone Sr, created a cookie in a local bakery in the Belgian town of Lembeke.  As this caramelised cookie was made with natural ingredients, he named it Lotus, after the flower to symbolise its purity.

The individual wrapped biscuits were an instant hit when introduced in the 1950s and quickly became a favourite with cafes and restaurants as the biscuit to complement a coffee.

Biscoff fact: The name Lotus ‘Biscoff’ itself is a combination of ‘biscuit’ and ‘coffee’.

Lotus Bakeries is still a family-owned business based in Belgium, but today they produce 6 billion biscuits every year, which are enjoyed all over the world.  

What is Biscoff? 

Biscoff or the traditional Belgian name speculoos is made from cinnamon spiced shortcrust pastry to produce a thin, very crunchy, caramelised, slightly browned biscuit.

If that wasn't tasty enough, Biscoff have established a cult like following and you can now enjoy a whole host of Biscoff flavoured products including the new Biscoff chocolate bars, filled with a delicious Speculoos Biscoff cream filling or cookie crumble.

The brand has recently partnered with food giants KitKat to give the wafer chocolate a speculoos spin. Don’t worry if you prefer white chocolate, we’ve got that covered too, with the delicious Nestle Galak White Chocolate with Speculoos which is filled with Biscoff pieces!

Kitkat Biscoff Chocolate Bar

Can you cook with Biscoff?

Yes indeed, the good times don’t end with just buying Biscoff products, you can also make your own Biscoff gastronomic delights.

A quick online search will locate hundreds of Biscoff recipes to tickle your taste buds, from Biscoff brownies to a Biscoff cheesecake or add twist to a tiramisu. In fact, is there anything that wouldn’t be improved by adding Biscoff biscuits or chocolate to?

Why not try the delectable and very squeezable Biscoff topping sauce, it’s perfect for homemade and shop bought desserts, pancakes, milkshakes, over ice cream or as a syrup for hot drinks.

Where can I buy Biscoff chocolate bars and products?

Now Biscoff chocolates bars can be bought easily in the UK, simply choose your favourite Biscoff variety, why not check out the Kit Kat Biscoff from Dubai or the Biscoff BIG 180g Bars made from the finest Belgian Chocolate.

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