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Build Your Own American Sweet Hamper - Candy Mail UK

Here’s a new take on ‘pick n mix’ and with over 1500 American sweets, candy, chocolate, cereals, snacks, crisps and drinks to choose from, building your own American Sweet Hamper is an experience in itself.  After all, who doesn’t love a ‘pick n mix’ assortment.

What’s so good about American sweets?

American sweets and candy come in a massive array of different varieties, unusual flavours and a big assortment from chewy taffy to hard candies. With only a very small handful of American sweets being available in supermarkets here, at, we import American candy direct from the United States and pick the tastiest and most exciting products for you to add to your American Sweet Hamper.

Most popular American candy

Whether you're looking for American candy that reminds you of growing up in the States, or you just want to try American sweets, you’ll love our selection. Choose from soft and chewy candy, like Swedish Fish; little red fish-shaped chewy candies or if you prefer your candy hard and crunchy, then Jolly Ranchers are a must have. Love sweet and sour? You’ve just got to give Sour Patch Kids a try, they are a true American classic with a sour coating and sweet chewy centre.

We could go on and on, but whatever your favourite American candy, we've got you covered with our top picks direct from the States, all in one tasty American Sweet Hamper chosen by yourself.

How to build your own American Sweet Hamper

  1. Go to Candy Mail’s Build a Box American Sweet Hamper page.
  2. Choose your favourite American sweets and goodies and add them to the Shopping Cart. All we ask is a minimum order value of £4.99, but don’t worry it’s not usually a problem!
  3. We’ll then handpick and pack your American sweet hamper and post it out to you.

Don’t forget American chocolate! 

It’s not all about American sweets, there are some amazing American chocolate brands to try also, such as Wonka, Reeses, Hersheys, M&Ms and more! Many of the American chocolate bars and treats are unique to the States and not available in UK shops. One of our best selling and a popular choice is the original Hershey’s Kisses. These uniquely shaped and individually wrapped solid milk chocolates have been a favourite in America for decades.

What other American goodies are there? 

Yes, there’s more! Other American goodies you can include when you build your own American hamper involve American drinks, cereals, snacks and crisps.

It’s the most important meal of the day, and breakfast Stateside isn’t breakfast unless it includes Pop Tarts or pancakes. Aunt Jemima is THE classic all-American pancake mix for perfect pancakes every time.

When it comes to delicious snacks, America is top of the ‘snack attack’ list, from Pringles to Goldfish crackers, Herrs chips to Snyders pretzel pieces. Not forgetting the infamous American Cheetos!

If you need some more snack inspiration, check out our 10 Must Try American Snacks blog for some top ideas on choosing American snacks and crisps, or should we say chips! Then wash it all down with an authentic bottle of ginger beer from Jones Soda range or quench your thirst with the wickedly tasty Calypso Lemonades.

Build your own Vegan American Sweet Hamper

Want to build a Vegan American Sweet Hamper? No problem, we’ve got a large collection of vegan candy. Vegan sweets are made by using plant-based alternatives to gelatine, like agar agar, carrageenan and vegan gel. Not forgetting lots and lots of fruits, sugars and syrups to make them delicious of course!

Our range of Vegan American Sweets are all available to add, when you build your own American Sweet Hamper. Our vegan friendly favourite sweets include Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Rancher and Laffy Taffy.

All that’s left is to enjoy your giant ‘pick n mix’ when your American Sweet Hamper arrives on your doorstep.

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